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Why the howler exists



Over twenty years ago David Mills landed in Costa Rica and found his way to Tamarindo. 



We intend to take this magazine to a new level and not only be a go to publication for articles and information but also a guide to what to do in the area as a tourist and also as a local. There are so many hidden gems that don’t get attention and need to be highlighted. 

We intend to work on a National and International level. Capturing an audience via our website and facebook that gives them insight of what to look for and plan prior to getting here. 

The upgrade of the restaurant section will be a very useful tool to showcase the advertisers’ restaurants, menus, stories and chefs. It will be sectioned out into regions for the convenience of the reader to identify restaurants within their area.

Along with having a publication we have a responsibility to the community to give back. We will be working with local charities and causes as well as community programs that enrich us all. The social responsibility of a publication is huge we are not just an ad conglomeration billboard.

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